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About Our Pharmacy

We are available seven days a week. Do you want to speak to a real-life human each and every phone call?  We don’t believe in auto-attendants!  If you are calling during open hours you will be greeted with one of our fantastic staff.  You will find our pharmacists and staff are a great addition to your health and wellness team.


Did you know that our pharmacists can create customized doses and formulas to meet your unique needs?

Prescription Medication

Did you know that our pharmacists can prescribe medications for some health conditions that don’t require a diagnosis?

Complimentary Services

• Prescription Delivery
• Blood Pressure Monitoring
• Medication and Dosing Analysis
• Seniors Discount
• Safe Medication Disposal
• Easy Prescription Transfer

Who We Are

Our Experts

Curtis Omelchuk

Curtis Omelchuk


Randy Semph

Randy Semph

General Manager


Is there a charge to deliver?

There is no additional charge to deliver within the Vernon Area.  There may be a charge on your regular order but we never charge a delivery fee.

Can I use debit to pay for my prescription?

Unfortunately, our drivers do not carry a machine to access debit or credit.  We ask that you pay for your prescriptions over the phone with Visa/MasterCard or American Express. As noted you will not be charged a delivery fee.

Do I need a prescription to get a vaccine?

In most cases the answer is no.  It may be advisable to get a prescription if you have third party coverage.  Please call and talk directly to one of our staff if you have more questions.

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We invite you to come in and meet our pharmacy staff, who are readily available with answers and information regarding your medication questions.